The Joy of Copywriting?


Need a no-hassle copywriter with a track record of success in both digital and traditional media?

You’ve found him. I’m Meyer Baron, freelance copywriter, content strategist, and founder of 1SmartPuppy.

As The Happy Copywriter, my mission is to make the marketing managers and independent business owners/operators I serve happy. I do that by removing my ego from the equation and immersing myself in your business needs.

Meyer is a true wordsmith. He can crack open your brain and grab those business goals and then get it down on paper for your web site, brochure or branding in a way you never thought possible with great results. Don’t hesitate to give him a try and put a smile on your face.

- Jeanette Smith
Owner, J’net Smith, Inc and All Art Licensing

If you’re like most of my clients, your business suffers from one (or more) of these common marketing conditions:

Common Conditions

  • Website not pulling its virtual weight?
  • Need to tell a persuasive story for a product or service that is expensive, new, or complicated?
  • Prospects can’t distinguish your business from the competition?
  • Advertising and marketing efforts falling flat?
  • Personal brand lost its spark?

Whatever the project, you have a story to tell. My job is to dig into the details behind that story, engage your audience in a way that aligns their needs with your goals, and lead them to the next step.

And why am I so happy?

Three big reasons:

  1. I get to serve clients all over the country from my home base in St. Petersburg, Florida, one of the most livable cities in the U.S.A and only a short drive to Tampa, Clearwater, and Sarasota
  2. I love doing business research (history, products, services, customers, & competition) and turning the findings into remarkable content that engages and persuades
  3. Getting great results puts a smile on my face (and will put one on yours, too!)

Still not sure if I’m the strategic copywriter who will improve your results and make you a happy client? Take a closer look at what makes me different.

Prefer to cut to the chase? Call me to discuss your needs at 727-235-2841.